One of the cornerstones of today’s global society/economy is the need for a perceived threat, and the subsequent need for security. In this series I tried to create a sense of security, hope, an ultimate truth. I used the cross as a way of uniting the paintings. The cross represents different things to different people. If you pee on a stick and see a cross, you are pregnant. For others the cross represents their faith in god. For the ancient Maya, the cross represented the place where our Solar System crosses the Milky Way. Sometimes it's simply the knobby side of the battery.
I use the black cross in my paintings as an ambiguous national symbol of pride and patriotism, an ideology to mystify the horrible reality of war and its causes. I can best describe the world in these paintings as an existence on edge. A society who’s industrial drive and vision seems completely intertwined with a countdown to an End. Faith based on threat, and the subsequent need for an ultimate truth.